Phone Sex

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$$$ £££ ~Wallet RAPING & BLACKMAIL~ $$$ £££

$$$ Blackmail $$$ ~ Want your name removed from the list of losers checking out My page before your Mistress sees it? Umm thought so~better start begging Me ~ Ooooh Money talks * $mile* On your knees ~ start crawling maggot ~Charles B*** u know who u are!!~rich man~john663~paypig73~page1998~river45~patmabuttocks~vacantlooks~jglenn002~Warcraft69~jason4300~Maharajah47~bansheel~neko37~trygar7737~cybervoxxx~eddiel1977~asdjfk20~Member 69320213~Msminion~Member893578~TonyC001~MCB~cuckkent~ronald8831~john663~Clawspace~surfryder42~bootfetishslave~NINASMONEYNOW~cpoltranx~mmase10~sub1dan~belwood1~sissymonk5~robby21~winston0309-Ken..come on~Yourpuppydog~davidcruz~ryan61~andrewpeach~volca~justmehere~kirby9492~eljay68~yes2you~LUV2FK~addicted97~lynx42~ronald8831~gpsdude123~Softy1973~~ $$$~Im Pissing Myself Laughing - Will you get to Me fast enough?! ~ $$$~
~English Ro$e~
~ I know you want to hear more of My voice ~
you need to give
I Love to receive, what could be $impler?
Did I $ay "receive" I meant TAKE of course
Look at Me
$top $talling and CALL

Dont expect to $ee my face, I do have a reputation to uphold darling!
Maybe ~ for the right amount of hard cold cash~I might make your day ...

$$$top dicking about, get it over with, bite the fucking bullet

I $ee you & I know you, you get off on $pending your money on Me
How else would a worthless worm of a man like you expect to get My attention?
Thats why you are here ~ to fund My lifestyle.
And I Do $ee you, I $ee when you click on the button & you get $cared
I know exactly how long it take$ you to call Me, and I dont like being kept waiting
Will you $ee your name here identified as a cheap$kate lo$er?
It excites you being tea$ed and u$ed for your money
Well it excite$ Me too
I love tea$ing and tormenting you
Telling you what I will buy with the money you are $pending on Me.
I might buy new lingerie for a date or new $hoe$
Or ju$t blow it at the bar with My girlfriend$ ... book a holiday for My lover.
Doe$ it matter, you are only paying for it after all
You want financial domination, are you $cared of that addiction ..... building?

Oh, ... did I forget to tell you ~ I am a Hypnoti$t............
Give up all pretence of control, ju$t hand over your life to Me
I wont scream at you, but I will u$e you for what you are good for,
Playing to your $trength$,
We both know that mean$ ..your ca$h, $$$, thats it, pure and $imple.
Ju$t a pathetic man that need$ to be u$ed and abu$ed.
I dont *need* to humiliate you but know I WILL
~ ~ ~
Shall I make it easy for you,you spineless fuck? Fill in the Blackmail Contract ~~>
Feel$ $oooo good, doe$n't it,
Finally knowing your rea$on for exi$ting?
I make your pathetic life worth living
I de$erve it all
~ ~ ~

If Im not around, $poil Me, I love to receive gift$

If I am around, I $till love to receive gift$
Quick quick ~ little piggies ~ ~ Quick quick ~ oink oink