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Confession Line ONLY - Mature Domme Absolution

Phone ONLY

Official Confession Line of Miss Taryn D ~ Professional Sensual Domme and Keyholder


In my work, I hear pathetic confessions all the time. Some bore me to death, and some are rightly appalling.
And while some people want to tell their secrets to finally get it off their chest, there are others who NEED to be punished and absolved for their filthy, sinful and taboo thoughts and actions...
and that's where I come in.

Because I absolutely LOVE hearing stories and secrets you've told NO ONE to this day.
The things that have been eating you up since they happened, and you never thought you would ever tell a soul.
I'm the one you've been waiting for.

I'll ask for every lewd detail of your story...
and if you're to blame, I WILL let you know what a revolting excuse of a man you are.
I WILL make sure you realize the consequences to your actions.
I WILL pick you apart until there's nothing left but a itty bitty shell of a person.
You WILL be sorry and left ashamed... but you WILL feel better.

So what secrets do YOU have to CONFESS to Me?

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