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Fantasy gets ME hot- you ready to play?Cum get me!

~English Rose~

Do you want to hear my voice? ~~~>
I really do love to play, and dress up to please you
Il be whoever you want me to be, submissive or dominant - although that depends on my mood!
Are you ready? To play with me? Mmmmmm
Im ready for you ...

Your first time? Mmmmmm ~ Im waiting for YOU. Call me NOW
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All your fantasies made reality,
my voice, soft and velvety smooth, my classy english accent,
washing over you, caressing you, inflaming you

The ONLY limit .... our imagination

Let me tell you about some of my fave games, you can call and explore them with me,
or tell me about yours, in person,
oooh im getting wet thinking about that,

Teach me your fantasy,
I will go wherever you want,
Im new to this, but I WANT TO LEARN
AND I have a wicked imagination

Heard how excited I can get?
Want to hear more.... ?

Sexy secretary, hot for you,
Im the boss, you are my assistant, and you will do as your told, and cum to love it

That teasing babysitter, who is gonna get what shes been asking for.

That horny fucking nun, Jesus Christ, you can smell the desire on me - I just need a real man to show me what ive been missing --- oooh thats very naughty!

Police officer, you WILL submit to my commands, or are you the Police Officer??
Mmm that works too

Oooh fancy being the one that takes my cherry, so hot, so scared, so unsure,
but sooooo naughty and horny, and ...... grateful.

Naughty, naughty, schoolgirl, how much cheek are you expected to take, before you pull me over your knee, and spank my taut arse, caressing my pussy lips, and then......

Little princess, oohhh that can be played soooo many ways, cant it??

Do you catch the "girl next door", in the shower, gently playing with herself, do you watch as she cums, unaware of your prescence, or do I see you, beckon you over, taking your hand and guiding it to where I NEED it.

The cool, calm, assured nurse, veneer of a professional, but when the doctors arent there, turning into a total slut, your cum slut, wanting you, needing you, mmm having you..

Dont be shy.... tell me what gets you hot and horny, wet and sticky

Youve already heard how excited I can get
Ooooh are you going to get me this wet,
This hot,
This horny
Mmmmmm I do hope so

Your first time? Mmmmmm ~ Im waiting for YOU. Call me NOW
Your first 3 minutes with Me ~ are FREE at NiteFlirt

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