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Mistress Andria


Miss Andria - online, distance and phone training

Mistress Andria abuses drunks, intoxicated losers and money pigs

So are you sitting all alone getting plastered? Drinking yourself into a total and complete stupor? Are you missing your AA meeting to surf the listings on NF? If you are a drunk asshole pick up the phone and let me listen to your drunk ramblings about your sorry life! Think about how nice and safe this will be! You dont even have to leave the house to go to the local shitbag bar where everyone doesnt want to know your name. I know how much you drunk fucks like to run your mouth when your all alone with no one to drone on too. I have that problem solved for you by offering this wonderful service.

Make sure you have your drink of choice or go get a new bottle and I will get you so wasted when you are done you will probably wake up the next day wondering what the hell happened! I know that drink has you by the balls and you cannot put it down..let Me help you turn into a sorry ass alcoholic!

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