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ok losers pay up while i ignore you

OK, lets face it are you a REAL loser? Then I don't want to talk to you anyways... Or are you just someone who enjoys being ignored? Or do you feel like you should have to pay tribute to a GOOD woman without receiving anything in return, not even a conversation, unless it is what I want? Then this is the line for you... When I answer this line i'll answer, then do whatever I damn well feel like doing, Often i will introduce myself, and expect you to do so also, you should also tell me what it is you are a loser and what you like about being ignored or treated like a loser whether that is chatting with friends online or on the phone or playing with my cats or even sometimes I may just take a nap (if you call at night it is very likely I will just go back to sleep and if you are lucky you MIGHT get to hear me talking in my sleep) . RARELY if i happen to be bored enough when you call I may chat with you a bit, if I do, you better speak up and answer any questions I may ask you promptly. You can sign up to adopt my hair dresser and pedicure bills if you want... That's about $30 any time i get my hair trimmed to neaten the ends (also the more often hair is trimmed just getting of split ends the faster it grows, I can't afford to go as often as I should to get optimal growth though which is the only reason my hair isn't longer than it is) and $25 per pedicure... OR pay for me to go get a professional massage for $100 or $66 for the chiropractor... who knows if you cover some of these for me before calling i might even let you listen in while i'm talking on my cell with friends... Especially if you contribute and also send a message to me to schedule your call ... if you want to contribute towards these then send me the money in a tribute