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Ripped Rob

Straight alpha male to take your money, fags!

Alright faggots, let's get something straight. And I do mean STRAIGHT. (Not like these other queers here that think being a top makes them any less of a faggot.)

I'm not one of you. Specifically, I'm not gay or pathetic. I am, however, an educated, self-made man with the free time to ruin your shit and laugh at you for it.

That's right. You heard me. I'm straight. (I have several girls in rotation at any given time.) I don't need your money. (You heard of the dot com boom?) I'm an alpha male. (Basically, I just do whatever the fuck I want.)

Then why am I doing this? Or as you say like a pathetic whiny little bitch, "Why are you doing this to me?" Because it satisfies my predatory drive and it's fucking hilarious!

I've had so much fun helping my friend Amber (She was best friends with a girl I used to fuck.) use and abuse you punk ass bitches, I thought maybe I should create a profile too.

So to recap, basically, you get to be used for whatever you're good for while I profit and laugh. If you're only good for being a fag, call somebody else.

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