Phone Sex

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     Your head will swim in a pool of my desires, lost in thought I will tease you, taunt you, belittle you & humilate you.,

     I'm the hot sexy girl next door that always leaves her blinds open just enough that you can watch me, I'm the girl you keep getting turned down by. When i check my mail I feel your eyes burning through me & aching to taste me. I smile with a evil grin, turn & just walk away leaving you to feel the loss & wanton desire fill your pants. Your red hot rage is too much for you to take so you head back to your window where you will watch me secretly. 

     I am Charlie. Your ultimate bitch that can be just as cold as warm.

I enjoy orgasm control & orgasm denial. I'll have your balls aching & your dick pounding. Keep you in a state of constant arousal & brink of cuming. Will you make me proud?

Do you actually get off on the phone?

Why do guys always sound so surprised when I say yes? Are there really hordes of phone fembots lurking out there who just pop out fake orgasms all the time?
Yes, I cum on the phone.
I don’t cum on every call, of course. Some calls just don’t lend themselves to me masturbating and those guys would be startled if I just started moaning mid call. But if it’s a fun, sexy call where I can masturbate, believe me, I will. One of the big benefits of being a girl is that I can come over and over and over again. If you could have orgasms all the time, wouldn’t you? I don’t know, maybe I’m just oversexed. I had a boyfriend tell me that once – loser. I mean, I’m not an automaton. But if I’m not in the mood to play, I just don’t sign in to take calls. That’s what’s so nice about working for myself…I get to sign in when I feel frisky & sexy and when I’m just not in the mood, I can go shopping, go for a swim or just curl up in bed with a book.

Where do you take calls?
My big four poster bed, my bathtub, my chaise lounge, sometimes out on the back deck… it depends what kind of mood I’m in and where I happen to be when you call. I take all calls from home. I don’t work at a call center or anything like that
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