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xx Bashful Beth xx

Beth's Ignore Line For Little Peepee Bois




So u think you’re all that and then some do u? HA, what a damn joke that is! u are nothing unless I let u be something boi! u are not worthy of even being MY little biotch boi! u will do just what I tell u to do bio if u want a reward from ME. And believe ME u want the reward and not the punishment! So boi, your first order of business is to please ME, make a tribute to your MISTRESS and make it a good one or I might not let u even listen to ME piss. Your MISTRESS needs things to make HER happy and that is your number one job. Make ME happy, give ME your money. A low life like u doesn’t need it, u need to use it to PLEASE ME. Buy ME something hot from MY wish list! Make a large tribute to ME! When u call ME, u will say to me first off… “MISTRESS, I am unworthy of YOU and am here to be IGNORED like the biotch that I am. Please MISTRESS, let me make YOU happy!” and then u better do just that biotch…. MAKE ME HAPPY


Time to show me how happy you are to please me! Get me a gift!!

$50 Tribute

$100 Tribute

$250 Tribute

$500 Tribute

$999 Tribute