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WORSHIP THY FEET - Place an offering at my feet

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Let's talk about how you wish to pamper my pretty feet today, shall we?

Look at my feet. See the gentle curves of my caramel colored arches? Did you happen to notice how soft and supple they are right after I slipped the heels off that I've been wearing all day? What I need is a nice and long foot massage or a nice pedicure. And guess what? Lucky, fortunate you....yes, you are going to be the one to give it to me.

How worthy are feeling today?

I am Daivani.
I am not your Mistress and I am not your Princess.
I am your Divine Diva

I get intense pleasure and enjoyment knowing that you will make me the center of your miserable world. And believe me, you will. Not because I WANT you to, but because YOU NEED to. I will never need to force you to submit, worship or adore ME, you'll do it all quite willingly because it is your need. I know exactly who you are and what you are all about.

*laughs* That's right, I know all about your kind.

Imagine being at my feet looking up at divine perfection, and knowing how lucky you truly are that I just may allow you the opportunity to worship me. It won't take long before you are begging me to use you how I see fit.

I used to be an exotic dancer because I loved teasing men and taking their money while making them lust over something they could never have. But who wants to work that hard when they don't have to? It wasn't difficult to figure out that my sexy body and creative mind could be very persuasive instruments in getting what I wanted from men. These are my weapons of choice to which many men have helplessly surrendered.