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I got married for all the wrong reasons. I was pregnant and even though I knew the father was an asshole, I thought I could change him. What a joke. After three years we're still together, but he's been cheating on me for a long time. All my girlfriends told me he couldn't be faithful, but I ignored the warning signs. To be honest I was happy with my marriage until about a year ago. That was when my husband got a promotion and started working long hours. We're fine financially, but the extra hours didn't bring in any money. Sometimes I want to kick myself for not figuring it out sooner. I almost had an affair with one of his friends to get even, but I chickened out at the last minute. One of my girlfriends got caught with her husband's best friend and it was an ugly situation. The guys almost killed one another, and because I knew what had happened in that relationship I tried my best to be faithful. However, when I realized I could have online affairs without worrying about getting caught, there was no stopping me! The first online guy who caught my eye was Joey, a senior at college and exactly the type of man I think about when I use my vibrator. He was six feet tall with dark hair, brown eyes, and a muscular frame. As it turned out we were online at the same time and he invited me to join him in a private chat room. The conversation we had was hot. I had a very hard time typing because I always had one hand on my pussy. We talked about how we lost our virginity and described some of our most intimate fantasies. He was warm and sincere; although I could detect that he wanted to try something very kinky with me and was too shy to ask. I asked him outright and his reply was very startling. He said he almost didn't tell me because he didn't want to scare me away. He was in a fraternity and they had a competition going for who was the best at pleasing a woman. In order to judge the competitions, the rest of the members had to be able to watch from a distance. He asked me to help him out, and assured me it would be safe. They'd even set rules for where it all had to happen- by the pool of his frat house where the view from the roof of the building was good, and yet discrete. He said normally they didn't tell the girlfriends all the frat members could see everything. It had to be the most unusual proposal I've ever heard, but it made me wet just thinking about it. I told him I was up for it and we set a date for the following afternoon. I went out and bought a new swimsuit for the occasion. I didn't want to disappoint my audience. When I showed up at the house I was surprised to find Joey alone. All the other frat guys were already waiting on the roof, pretending to not be home. It suited me fine, Joey was way better looking than I ever imagined and I would have fucked him under any circumstances! We started off by kissing in the doorway, but he led me by the hand to the pool area, whispering to me not to look around because I wasn't supposed to know the guys were watching. I put my sunglasses on and told him not to worry. It was funny, I saw the guys on the roof right away. There were eight of them and they weren't exactly very good at hiding, but I didn't let on that I knew they were there. I totally got off watching them the whole time and made sure they got the best view of everything. I started the fun by pulling Joey close and then pushing his head between my legs. After he gave me an orgasm I pulled his cock out and deepthroated him until he came in my mouth. Instead of swallowing, I spat his come out on the ground so Joey's friends could see what he'd done. I actually heard them whisper about it. I've never felt so wild. When we started fucking I turned up the intensity by assuming a dominatrix role and commanded him to do me hard from a number of positions. I liked riding him best, and we nearly broke one of the pool lounge chairs. I really lost count of how many orgasms I had, but for a grande finale Joey pulled out of my pussy while we were doing it missionary style and came all over my face and tits. After that I couldn't resist jumping into the pool without wiping his come off. The frat guys will probably never swim in there again! Joey joined me for a bit and then escorted me to my car when I had to go. I had to make dinner for my husband and I almost didn't have enough time. My husband never suspected a thing. I've thought about that day many times though. I'm a little worried some of Joey's friends might have taken pictures, but if they did I'd be able to sue them so I don't think they'll show up anywhere- and since my husband doesn't know any of the guys I think I'll be fine. I don't know if I'll ever do anything so risky or wild like that ever again, but it's certainly something I'll never forget. From now on I'm going to limit myself to two lovers a month, just enough to keep me satisfied and infrequent enough to avoid suspicion. I can't believe I didn't start cheating sooner. I've never felt so alive.