Phone Sex

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Pampered Amber

Amber ignores suckers like you!


This is my ignore line. It costs less than my real line because you'll be getting just what it sounds like... ignored. I have a busy life and a lot of PPM (personal princess maintenance). Sometimes I think somebody should pay me for doing my nails, putting masque on my face, picking out shoes before I go to a club, etc. Now's your chance to make that happen. I'm every bit as fabulous, you're still a pathetic whining puppy, so you can learn to sit and stay while I chat with my friends and get on with the other, more interesting things I do with my life. Honestly, talking to you pathetic losers is sometimes more than a girl can take.

Me toiling away like a smart girl

If you don't want to be ignored, you need to call with a good joke. If I've heard it, you go right back on hold. If it's new to me and funny, I might take a moment to amuse you. Don't get your hopes up, sucker. I'm not easy to please, and you're not special. Also, if you call up and say 'I'm the joke' or 'I thought a good joke would be for you to kick me in the face', I will hang up on you. That's not a joke, make me laugh or fuck off.

Want to actually have a conversation? Call my financial domination line!

Still too pansy to call? Good news! You can get me presents!

I want pretty, lacy things!
Mmmm… Treats!
I need techie stuff!
A little something to go to bed with!
Want to pamper me?
I love Lush products!

My yahoo messenger id - $20
Expensive, but worth it. Just like me!