Phone Sex

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You heard me , I said HARDER!!!!

I like it when I hear the sound of leather or flesh smacking my ass as I get drilled from behind. mmMmmmmMMMmmmmmMMMmmm what an amazing sound that is ! Can you do that for me Baby? Can you spank me and watch my little butt cheek turn from tan to pink and then red as I BEG you to give me another slap on the ass? If you can... pick up the phone and call me. I'd love to talk more about it and I may even let you hear me smack it myself as we talk about the wild time we will have deep inside our perverted little minds !

I am waiting... pick up the phone !


Am I not online for live calls right now Baby? Awww, I am sorry about that ! A girl has to sleep SOME time ya know? How about you call one of my Recorded Listings while I am away to get yourself all hot and ready for me when I return? Sounds good don't it? Yeah Baby, I know it does ! Go to my homepage and look through my lists ! I have some pretty nice things to look through! Take your pick... hell... call them all ! I don't mind ! *winks*

Much Love,