Phone Sex

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Cash Pigs apply here. You will be collared.

cI don't need your money.

"I deserve it, it looks better on me anyways", blink blink, hahahhahah

My Rules:

You, door mat, exist in my world to amuse me. I am the center of your world and you understand the commitment.
I could never ever live the boring vanilla lifestyle, there's nothing else out there. I have always been dominant, in command, and I enjoy collecting new door mats, assigning them into new positions, granting new collar tags, I am bossy, demanding, pushy and sadistic. I enjoy when you suffer. Locking little door mats in my shoe closet and strictly training you in becoming the best doormat possible is a possible pleasure for you, only if you are committed and deserving. Don't waste my time. Only contact me if you are willing to completely devote and submit yourself to me. Is 100% or nothing. As for my cuckold pets, all I have to say is: I am everything you wish you had but your little shrimp dick could never ever even be close to touch me nevertheless satisfy me. I humiliate you over and over and you beg me for more. Nothing new to you. No dignity. Hahahaha I take great pleasure over it. I truly love to humiliate you. Every day you think of ways on how you could serve me and make me happier. You own nothing, you belong to me. Stop drooling staring at the screen! I understand your need. You can't control much longer now, you must submit yourself to me. Go on and prove yourself to me, take the very first step into your own happiness, release your fears, go on, convince me you are the real piggy boy that will always find ways to excel in serving your Princess. I deserve the very best. Start by sending a tribute and impressing me piggy

Don't forget piggy boy: The opportunity to serve me is exclusively so don't mess it up. It won't happen twice.

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and don't be cheap, you will always give me your best!

I love to see you kneel down before me, completely butt naked begging me with your wallet in your mouth, begging me to completely drain you.... oh so pathetically you. I love that, don't you?!

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