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Confessions of and Office Slut

Baby I got what what you want.... MY BODY....

Baby, I have mastered the skill of getting what I want!

Sometimes, my boyfriend asks me to go do some things at his office. I hate to go to "work" but if he asks, then I usually go. I like to play "superviser" to all these older women and watch them work for pennies. Its kinda funny. When its all quiet and I start to observe what is around me, all the hot lawyers and businessmen all around, well, it makes me want to be naughty little house-slut.

It makes me want to do naughty things when Im is his office, or shall I say "work"! Ha, ha..I get so horny when I go out to lunch with all the co-workers and that "certain" married guy that picks up on me all the time, well-I just want to go crazy with him in the elevator!But I know he works for my boyfriend. Would'nt that be TRASHY?? Ha ha! Let's get trashy. Fucking the boss's girlfriend. The boss's girlfriend and her "boytoys". Mabey I'll even tell them their "job is at stake" if they dont cooperate. he he!

Watch My Screen, See it~Magic!!!Playing at the office is so fun.

Yes, its fun being me!!

Do you want to play that with me?
The copier is so nice to lean over.....
I love to sit down on the copier and leave a pic of my ass in random desks. Putting pic of my little ass and and watch them hide it real quick. Im so bratty! That makes me laugh so hard!
Just think how much ass my boyfriend gets when all they do is talk about how perfect is girlfriend is. It will more of a puppet!This is what I call the "interview couch"!


Tear the pink Latex to see the pink PIX!!!- 3 for $15

Take off the Floral dress-great PIX!!!- 3 for $15

Watch the school-girl outfit drop to the floor!3-$15

Even More schoolgirl pics!3-$15

This dress looks way better off! But is a good tease!