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48yr old Mature HouseWife &Teacher ? don't B Tardy

Want a phone Counselor who really listens while you talk about Politics, Love, War, Sex, Weather? I'm a teacher, so you better not be tardy!

Hiya! My name is Erika and I'm a 42 year old house wife from the South West. I hope that me, being nearly 50 years old, doesn't turn you off maybe everything I’ve been through different things, in my life including relationship problems, marriage, divorce, problems with unruly computers (wanna kill them sometimes! j/k lol), and work problems - just to name a few. I teach World History teacher in High School right now and enjoy my work However , in the relationship department things could be better, I admit. It's been a CRAZY ride, to say the least, but my home life keep me whole - sometimes i'm not alone, so i have to whisper. not that I’m hiding it, but it is kind of weird, you must admit. >


By the way, Btw I don't judge anyone, I only try (to) help by just listening from my perspective, to see if that makes any sense. More about me: I'm pretty materialistic for sure, but I don't want gifts or anything like that.. Just treat me with respect and shower me with kindness and that sort of bullshit lol. Ok, what else is there to add - I don't know.. If you want to know more, I guess, you can press that button below. Oh,i'm a little coy on this service - I'm very reserved in that way. that doesn't mean I'm a total prude :). More details later :)

I'm trying this out as an 'after school project' no idea
if anyone will even want hear an older 47 year old school teacher

I'll be adding a surprise soon,

someoene asked me if i had a more pics. ok i found some,more revealing, yet classy, if you like to see more of me (back and front shots :), my ex hubby and i tookthese ,recently :) ami worth it? :)$15

$15 emmediate delivery

Below are my second set of 3 SEXY?select pictures if you really want more teach? for your eyes only
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Love Erika NEW
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1-800-275-5336 Extention 01655635
Love Erikka :)