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Lord of Shadow

**Life [$$] Drain** ~ Intox Ownership [Since 2006]

I will have complete ownership each cash slut.
Dedicate your money and time to MY financial and personal gain.
Travel down this path is a road of NO return.

How to serve as a financial slave:

Demonstrate the need to begin absolute servitude to ME.
Inhale the POPPERS and select BUY NOW below:
I will hold all cash-devoted slaves accountable for the amount due!

DO NOT press the Pay-Per-View Button unless prepared serve ME.
"It" will communicate the need to serve and be trained!
Failure to complete payment has stiff penalty.

I will PULL the addict down, to be consumed by an altered mental state, until the collar is secure and the memories of 'regular' life seem, but a long-forgotten dream.

Discarded 'Fake' Slaves {No Mercy!}:

June 3rd, 2018 Update: 69 shredded & blocked
Latest 'useless', game-playing, human-stains eliminated:

[ATLGoonFag, asslicker4str8gods, Azurite069, Bottom_Piggie, blazerguy76, Bottom Slam, blackpearl22, billnyc, catmath, cbr600ryder, cashsub42, downjktboi, duran1123, East10, edgingboy, fag2017sf, FagggotSlave, Gaf101, gaggeldra, Jerry Boi, john, jrsub42, Kellie, Krandex, kodes1123, licmadrid912, loveher123, losertotrain, lordkhons, miasubwhtmale, must_pay_for_permission_to_cum, mweaver315, mems490, MindFuck, MrShark, NavyFag, nutzboy191, ownmemaster1, ontheedgeguy, orniceguy, popperpigUK, Pigboi83, paulieboi, prisoner11, RubberGimp, rayinred, rite wing, small pp mandy girl, Submap, Sthar, SubStud, smcubpdx11, shaq4u , StraightAddicted, SlaveBoyinDC, Samigrant, sparkythesub, sexyblackhoney, SweetSexyCookie, subaznboy, Seedplanter, THE CRUSHER, tennhypnoman, tp2btm01, Txfaggot, UnderTheInfluence0, victor4343, volker119, youngblood6364, zanderslave, zerowarmthistheonlymaster]