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I am Daivani.
I am your Reality. I am your Addiction.
I am your Divine Diva that will bleed you dry..

There is a reason you are looking at this listing and we both know what it is, don't we?

Admit it. Go ahead and admit it. That's the first step. How does it feel knowing that the only reason this Superior and Perfect Black Divine Diva is even speaking to you, is because you are paying me? Oh! there it is, that slight fluttery feeling in your dick. LOL You know what is causing that feeling. It's the anticipation of knowing that I am going to take you for everything you are worth. And just when you think you've given me all that you have and plead that you are running on empty, I will squeeze even more from you.

I don't have to sit here and tell you that it's all about ME - because you already know that. I also don't have to tell you that you don't mean anything more to me than the dollar amount that hits my account - because you already know that too.

We have a name for guys like you.
You probably hear it all the time, isn't that right?

I know that hearing my wicked laughter that you feel a little twinge in your dick. Oh and I will Laugh! I get pleasure knowing exactly how easy it is to get inside that weak minded head of yours. In no time I'll have you whining and begging for my attention. But you'll recieve my attention the only way you know how.... by PAYING for it.

Because you and I both know
Losers Always have to Pay!