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The Power of Negative Thinking

Well, don't you deserve a gold star right in the middle of your forehead!?! You've discovered Moi and my negativity brainwashing! I will provide you with a mantra to say over and over. At first you may say it out of rote. However, throughout the day, I want you to really put some feeling behind it. You know you feel it deep down inside. you ARE a loser; however, you amuse me because I like hurting you. Did you know that? I love bringing pain into your worthless little life.

*chuckling* Altho with a man like you, you love to have pain, so I give you pleasure and pain. Pain is liberating, isn't it? However, I want to liberate you deep down into your very soul. I want to crush your soul.

Hence, my mantras. You will repeat them - not just that day, but every day. The power of negative thinking, my boy! I'm the counterpart to that Norman Vincent Peale bozo - such a stupid pollyanna. Since when did repeating "I'm going to win the lottery" ever work? Um, NEVER! But you will get noticeable results if you repeat a mantra such as "I'm such a loser. I do not deserve anything good to happen to me." Look at yourself after about 15 minutes of repeating this. You look sad and dejected. Your countenance has fallen! Hahahaha! You look like you want a good kicking. See, the power of negative thinking works! Hahahahaha!
Positive thinking - baaad.
Negative thinking - gooood! It gets immediate and noticeable results!

NOTE: You're here for MY pleasure, so don't expect me to jump through hoops for you. I may have something far more important to do, so I'll listen to your sniveling loser ways, but don't expect me to hang on to your every word. LOLOLOL! As if!

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