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kari quite contrary

If anyone deserves a spanking...

C'mon, admit it. Doesn't your spanking arm just ITCH to strip down my pants and panties or lift up my short little skirt to give me what I deserve? *sigh* What can I say? Some girls were just born to be naughty. And some naughty girls were just born with cute asses that beg to be smacked, paddled, or whipped. Lucky me, I suppose :)

I own almost every implement imaginable, and all are at your disposal. Two leather paddles; a small ping-pong paddle and a heavier one with beveled holes; several leather belts and straps; two crops; floggers made from different materials, like suede (mmm) and a small one made of rubber (ouch!); household "pervertables" like paddle brushes, wooden spoons, flyswatters; one rattan cane and one carbon cane.

Have I been a good girl who's earned a sensual spanking? If built up slowly, I'll head straight into subspace and be able to take anything you give me while pleading prettily for more.

Or have I been a cheeky, disobedient little brat who doesn't deserve the reward of a good girl spanking? Are you strict enough to make me cry?

I guess we'll have to see, won't we.