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Demimonde definitions: 1. a class of women on the fringes of respectable society supported by wealthy lovers; 2: a distinct circle or world that is often an isolated part of a larger world. 3. Courtesan. Note: The term is French, and means literally "half-world", implying those who existed on the fringes of the "real world."

Courtesans/demimondaine are women of intelligence, wit, beauty, and grace, with an air of aristocracy. They are supported by an inner circle of distinguished gentleman who are equally intelligent, witty, and know the value of their Mistress.

Some people may recoil at the term "courtesan;" I don't. Most of the courtesan's entertainment was not on her back! She entertained her inner circle of gentlemen in private gatherings at her salon, where witty, intelligent, and naughty conversations abounded. These men were as much attracted to the courtesan's personality, perhaps even more so, than her looks.

What I seek: Discerning submissive men who are tired of the instadommes, bobble head dommes, Mcdommes, and beggar dommes. I want men who are submissive in nature, and not just wanting to itch a little subby kink that rears its head from time to time. I want an inner circle of men whom I will cherish like I would a beloved family pet; men who are devoted, happy to see me, and wanting to see to my comfort when possible.

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