Phone Sex

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Dorky butt sniffers like you dream about worshipping a perfect Princess ass like Mine. Your cock gets hard at work just thinking about having your face pressed into My ass even if you only get to sniff it through My jeans or panties. You know that I'll be laughing at how hard your slave cock gets and how weak you become when you're reduced to being My butt sniffing pay slave.

Once I get into your head and your bank account, I'll use your face as My chair to keep you a weak and compliant butt sniffing dork. Most of My girlfriends already know what I do to some of you wimps and how I compel you to use up the credit lines on the credit cards attached to your accounts. It gets really fun when you attach your debit cards to your NF account ... it makes it hurt a little more when you see you weekly paycheck disappear while your cock is hard and then realize what just happened after you cum all over yourself. LOL


I can totally mess with your head, your cock and your wallet. You can tell Me all about how you wish that you were at My feet worshiping My feet, or even better, putting your nose in My little butt. You may even get to hear Me tell My girlfriends about all of the kinky stuff that you've never been able to tell your wife about. I'll be your internet girlfriend and get all of the attention that your wife or girlfriend should be getting. You'll end up on My invisible cyber leash, and you'll love every minute of it.

I am totally into:

Guys with a foot or shoe fetish, guys who wish that they were wearing a pair of My worn panties, guys who know what losers they are and need to financially drained, guys who like to carry on intelligent conversations, and guys who enjoy being humiliated and listening to Me laugh their silliness.

It's time to stop staring and start dialing. There's no need to be scared since I don't bite ... I may spit in your general direction sometimes, but I don't bite. :)

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