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Sniffing My toes is a treat for you foot slaves. I catch enough of you guys staring at My feet when I'm out in public. I see your heads turn, and I catch you staring at restaurants and clubs. You love seeing My bubblegum pink toes in My strappy sandals. What's really funny is how you get hard just by looking at My feet.

If only you actually had My soft soles and toes on your face with Me looking down at you as you worship them, you'd be in heaven, wouldn't you footboy? I'd stretch your mouth open by putting all of My toes in your mouth at once.

I love watching foot sniffers with a pair of My worn socks, My Sunday church pantyhose, or a pair of My worn shoes. You sniff up all of My foot sweat and would hump My shoe if I let you. And I love hearing the stories that foot freaks like you have about how you come to obtain the socks, shoes and pantyhose that you sniff and worship while you hump your fists.

You can have My smelly feet in your face right after I get back from the gym. Nice and smelly cotton socks and toe lint for you to lick up. LOL Or maybe you'd just like to be at My feet while My girlfriends watch you beg to kiss My toes and lick the dirt from My heels.

It's time to stop staring and start dialing. There's no need to be scared since I don't bite ... I may spit in your general direction sometimes, but I know you perverts like that kind of stuff. :)

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