Phone Sex

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So Many Men, So Few Who Can Afford Me

100% Real & Authentic!
Introducing Princess, The Black Heiress
WARNING: Princess has been rated an "E" for EXOTIC.
May Cause Fascination, A State of Desire, And An Abnormal Emotional Excitement.
Now Take Your Hands Out Of Your Pants And Put Them Back On The Damn Keyboard!!!

1:800:TO:FLIRT (ext.01627933)

For Those That Are Addicted To My Heavenly Voice

Things I Love To Do To Those That Are Addicted To Me:

Cuckolding - Only A REAL Man Can Please Your Heiress Sexually

Tease & Denial - You'll Crave Me Even More

Forced Intoxication - Shaken or Stirred?

Financial Domination - The ONLY WAY You Can Excite Me

Pink Panty Sluts - Like Your Sissy Panties? You're Going To Pay A Price For Wearing Them

The Addiction Maker

Don't think that I'm addicting? You'll soon find out how wrong you are. With my seductive voice, and teasing ways, you'll start craving to spend all of your money on me. You'll begin to beg me to max out your credit cards. Why? Because deep down you know this is what you want. You want everyone looking at us as we pass them by. Men becoming pea-green with envy as they wonder how someone as average-looking as you was able to "score" a stunning, young woman like myself. But little do they know that you're paying for my attention through shopping trips, spa vacations and anything else that my sexy little heart desires.

But what if they did know? What if everyone knew that the only reason why I gave you a second glance is because you paid for it? The only reason I smile at you is because you paid for my last spa trip? The only reason I talk to you is because of the designer handbag you gave me? What if they knew the only reason why I hang around you is because you're handing me your credit card...

Do you care if they know? No. You love the fact that I have acknowledged your presence, even if its only for your money. You love the fact that I tempt, seduce, and tease you. It turns you on to know that for every $100 that leaves your hand, every gift you beg me to take, every time you get a new credit card, it excites me. And you love it when I'm excited. Even though you know you'll become non-existent to me once your credit cards have been maxed out, you're flat broke, and your bank account is in the red.

You know that you shouldn't do this. But you can't help yourself. You're already addicted. Give in to your addiction.
Pick up the phone and call.