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Miss Isabellas Temple

Skilled Financial Extortionist & Humiliatrix

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This line is exclusively for those who wish to be financially raped, unbearably humiliated, extorted, trampled, made into bitches, black mailed, degraded, face slapped, cuckolded and verbally abused.
I am Miss Isabella, a Real Time and Lifestyle Goddess. My insatiable thirst for your power has led me to my position and your power lies with in your pockets. I’m not here to play games with half hearted imitations of submissive men. I am interested in complete and utter control of your useless life. I want ownership over you, your little cock and every asset in your grasp. I have no qualms in regards to draining your pathetic ass of every cent you have earned until you are a penniless street bum. I don’t give a shit how painful it may become for you. You don’t matter anymore. You’re carnal desires don’t exist anymore. You exist merely for me, for my pleasures and comforts. You’re my bitch now and will continue to be led around by that pencil you call a dick until I’ve taken what I want and choose to dump you. Enjoy the ride pig, while I’m in the mood. You’re very blessed even to be graced to speak with me, let alone be controlled, humiliated, abused and sapped by a Goddess of my stature. As I already have a large herd of personal slaves, maids, pussy bitches and loser jack asses to amuse me in real life, your only option is to be fucked over by phone. My extensive experience has given me the acute ability to dive inside you, surfacing with the perfect formula for your loser cravings. I know your secrets. I understand your guilt for being an incompetent piece of shit. I’ve felt your shame. I know you need to be controlled, trampled and drained like the pussy half assed man you have grown up to become. I know you’ve been waiting for the perfect woman to step in and crush your pathetic world. Well loser, your dreams have been realized. Your wish has been granted. Your goddess has arrived. Prepare yourself for ultimate submission and financial ruin. You’ve yet to taste the utter bliss of the salt from licking out of the palm of my hand. You haven’t breathed sweetness until under the sole my perfectly arched foot. You don’t know the sheer thrill of being forced into giving up everything you are, everything you have. You haven’t even touched the edge of truly being dominated, you silly bitch. Allow me to take your tiny hand, walk you to the edge, and push you over. There is no turning back once you submit yourself to being financially fucked. You will belong to me as my hypnotic essences encases you and takes you through levels of bliss, torment, pain, terror, excitement, torture and ecstasy. You will relinquish all power and allow me to dispose of you and your money as I please… and if my authority is tested, I will unleash upon you the dragon within, swallowing your ego, while leaving remnants of my bullwhip across your backside. Take the first and last step. Get on your knees and muster up the courage to call, I’ll handle the rest.
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