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Erotic Fantasi

Erotic fantasies customized just for you

Hi, my name is Fantasi and I can make you cum over and over...

I will take the fantasies you submit to me and weave a customized, written tale of erotic pleasure just for you!

With the seductive lure of written words I will pull you into my web making it all the more binding because this is something that you've always wanted. Something that you've always dreamt of--fantasized about.

Have you ever fantasized about being a "Peeping Tom", watching a beautiful woman REALLY enjoy her shower experience? Here's a sneak peek:

I stepped into the shower beneath the massaging head and arched my back, enjoying the warm spray softly pelting my body. I began to relax under its therapeutic ministrations all the while thinking that your hands would feel so much better. The peach scented bodywash you'd come to recognize as my scent felt like heaven as I enjoyed the slick wetness of its lather caressing my body. My hands slowed and I became aware of the tightening of my nipples, marveling at how easy it was for me to become aroused, especially whenever I thought of you. Pinching and pulling my hard little nubs caused a sudden wetness between my thighs that had nothing to do with the water running over me. I turned towards the mirrored shower wall to watch myself play. My eyes followed the path of one particularly soapy little bubble, watching closely as it traveled down the valley between my perfectly rounded, pink tipped breasts. Slowly it slid downward, tickling me just a bit before stopping to settle into a little pool on the inner edge of my navel. Ahhh...I could feel my clit swell and another gush of wetness dripped from the slit of my thoroughly soaked cunt. There was something so hot and definitely erotic about white lather slowly gliding over every inch of my soaking wet body...

Mmm did that get you just a little hot? Want to know what else happened? Purchase this story in its entirety for only $7!

You will receive a request for more detailed information once you inform me of your interest. Your written fantasy will be at least 3 pages long and will cost $40 ($25 deposit to be paid before your custom work is started and remaining $15 due upon completion)

Let me give you the gift of multiple orgasms. What's your fantasy? Tell me...I'll make you come over and over...