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Violenza Domestica

Nurse Death - Blood play in room 5, STAT!

I am The Nurse of your most sexiest nightmares

Intoxicatingly beautiful, loving, and trusworthy.

Untill she has you on her table...

...And she turns you into her wounded plaything

You enter the Doctors office thinking you are going to be given the "normal" medical treatment... but, you are sadly wrong. A Nurse you have never seen before walks in and strangely locks the door behind her, her eyes are intense and locked on yours - just staring... She walks up to you casually and starts taking the "normal" procedures, checking your temperature, and blood pressure. but, her eyes lock on to yours again... She whispers "I will need you to lay back please". You do so almost as soon as the words leave her mouth. She starts to strap your arms down in restrains, you cry out "EXCUSE ME?! What is this for!?" She walks around in front of you, and bends over slightly to make eye contact... A "Shushing" noise comes out from her pouty lips that are half covered in the middle with a glistening sharp scalpel. "We are going to have a little fun" She whispers seductively, and readies her "equipment" on a steel tray...

Do you dare enter her world?

Pay tribute to me!