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Cutie Pie Trisha

I've never been with a girl, will you help me?

Hey guys, I'm Trisha! I want to talk to you so pick up the phone and keep me company. :)

I love to laugh and have fun. My friends tell me that my smile lights up the room. I'm a bit of a flirt too so I hope that is ok. *smile* I'm one of those girls that is happy pretty much all of the time. Life is way too short to be sad. I don't take things too seriously and I'm always fooling around trying to make people laugh. If you call me, we'll have lots of fun together, I promise!

Have you been looking for a sweet little cutie pie to talk to? I sure hope you have because that's me! Do you like younger girls? That would be really great because I love talking to older guys. Even though I'm happy most of the time, I'm not one of those annoying little giggly girls that will drive you crazy. I'm pretty mature for my age and I can have an intelligent conversation.


I'll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to see, I don't mind if you talk dirty to me because it really turns me on. My friends would die if they knew I was doing this. They would say I'm a slut because after all, good girls aren't supposed to have sex until they are married, right? Can you imagine what they'd think if they knew that I'm not a virgin like everyone thinks I am? Don't get me wrong, I don't sleep around. I've only had sex with one guy. I'm just so tired of having to act the way that everyone thinks I should. I'm not a little girl anymore. I can make decisions for myself. So don't hold back with me. I'm ready to talk about anything that you can think of.