Phone Sex

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Hi, My name is Bobbie and I just can't get enough sex. 

I'm really anxious to share fantasies and sex talk.  I have a lot of sexual frustration built up just waiting for you, now that I'm single!

My ex-boyfriend said I was a nympho but I just really like sex.

He couldn't keep up with me. He used to get mad that I wanted him to make love to me all the time!  Can you believe that?  I couldn't.

My specialty is sucking cock.. I can deep throat and suck cock for hours and hours.  I especially like to have my hair pulled.  Maybe you'll grab my hair and force your cock in and out of my mouth. I just love the taste of cum and I swallow!  Something about being on my knees turns me on, too.

This is a photo with my ex boyfriend. He liked to fuck me in the ass and I really miss that.  I get turned on just thinking about it.  I don't know why I like it so much, it just feels so dirty and if you finger me at the same time I will go absolutely crazy. 

Do any of these girls use their real photos?  I feel like I should have these glossy, gorgeous model photos, but I don't.  I hope that's ok.  All of my pictures of me are of me all over the place doing all kinds of things. 

I know some guys like fake blonde Barbie dolls with big silicone breasts, but I hope some of you like sweet young women who like to give a man what he wants and needs. 

I don't look like a Barbie doll but I am one of the most genuine, sweetest - not to mention HOT girls - you will ever meet. 

This is pretty exciting for me.  I'm really curious about the things you will want to talk about.  I know my fantasies range into the kinky world sometimes, I hope yours do too, I really want to do some exploring into kinky topics!

I've masturbated thinking about you calling me and our talks.  I close my eyes and imagine what you will say to me, what you want me to do to myself while we talk, I get so turned on so fast, it's incredibly exciting.

We can talk about anything from your day to how you like your cock sucked.  I tell good stories, and I'm a good listener.  I want you to think of me as the girl you can talk to about anything.

I hope you let me help you relax from the stress of you life, I know I could use some relief from mine.  Call me soon, ok?  We can get to know each other and escape the rest of the world with some really good, sexy, fun talk.  I can't wait to hear you calling my name!!

Some of you asked me for photos, so here they are.  There are 15 photos of me that I can't use here, but I hope you like them anyway.