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Phone Sex

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Curves and Curls

Bend me over and fuck me hard.

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Hello, I'm Abigail.  I'm a natural blonde from the South.  I grew up a little sheltered - my folks kept a pretty tight rein on me.  I went a little wild, I guess, when I finally moved away from home after I got out of school and I'm still a little wild sometimes, I suppose.  Mostly, I like guys who know how to treat a girl, who are gentlemen and open doors for me, hold my coat, pull out my chair.  I like to be treated like a girl, because that's what I am.  I'm 100% real girl, all natural, no artificial additives. 

Of course, I also like a lot of other things, too.  Long lazy afternoons making love over and over, in all
different ways.  Hot and sweaty sex, the kind where you end up in the backseat of the car because you just can't wait to get home before you start.  Sex on the beach, as the sun goes down, the waves tickling at your feet.  I don't even mind it a little rough, sometimes, when you pull my hair as I go down on you, or swat my ass as you fuck me.  Doesn't bother me when you're in control, but if you want me to direct the action, I can do that, too.  So, if you're looking for a sweet Southern belle, one who is all woman, nothing artificial, call me.

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