Phone Sex

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Mia Harlen

The *Freshest* Little Peach On The Tree!

I (Mia) am a bright, happy 20 year old university student. I love sex, I love men and I love (and can carry) a good conversation. Maybe I’m a little different to most of the listings here, and I don’t think I’m for everyone.

Sexually I am very open minded, I enjoy teasing and playing and showing myself off to a man. The dirtier the better! I keep myself waxed bare and really, there's no better feeling than a nice stiff one juuuust about to go off...;) I've been told I sound like an angel when I'm coming, hopefully you can make that decision for yourself!

I understand that sometimes, along with the eye-crossing orgasm ;) you want the human connection as well. I’m a friendly, accepting person and I understand that a call is a much more intense experience for us both if we connect a little beyond the sexual aspect. We can debate foreign policy if you like (hee), or the latest novel you’ve read (I’m a big reader) but only if YOU want to. A short, hot quickie is always an option, too!

I believe in making my customers feel happy and not as if they have been taken advantage of in any way. I have been doing this for 2 years and when you hang up with me you should be in a blissed-out, stress-free mood.

To that end I promise you will never experience any of the following with me:

  1. No canned or scripted dirty talk! Ugh. What a turn off. I’ve heard the horror stories about this. You’ll NEVER catch me reading a script or a story. Phone sex should be spontaneous and personal and with me it is.
  2. I will not try to keep you on the phone longer than you want to be. If you feel like the call isn’t working out, or you need to hang up for any reason, it ends when you want it to.
  3. No people/kids in the background. I am not passing judgment on anybody, but I’ve heard how distracting it can be to hear other people in the background of a call. This is an easy one for me because it’s just me, alone, in my apartment – no roommates, boyfriends or kids, promise.
  4. A little personal info about me:

    • I am double majoring in English literature and European Intellectual History (sort of a cross between History and Philosophy) at a prestigious university out east.
    • My voice is very soft and young.
    • In real life, I tend to be a little on the submissive side, sexually. I love to please.
    • For some reason, I am very popular with lawyers. If you’re a lawyer, I highly recommend me. ;)
    • I went to high school in London and have traveled extensively in Europe. It is my dream to visit Asia – especially Japan and Thailand.
    • I’m domestic. My favourite thing is to stay home all day baking and cleaning and then have my friends over for a big dinner, dessert, conversation and lots of red wine. I love taking care of the people I love and the place where I live.
    • I trained as a dancer (ballet) and gymnast until I was 18. Although I don’t do it seriously anymore, I have retained many of my skills and am, to the happy surprise of my ex boyfriend, very, very flexible. ;)
    • My biggest material indulgence is clothing. I am the World’s Biggest Clotheshorse.