Phone Sex

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You want to play dress up for me don't you

You want to be prissy and preen around modeling strappy high heels and the cutest little pink panties (I just love little doll babies). Of course fitting that little dick of yours (and in your case I use the term "dick" VERY loosely) into a pair of panties is going to be real easy. Isn't it?

You've always wanted to be a cocksucking pro but never had instruction. I'll teach you expert techniques, even if you don't have perfect cocksucking lips like mine. I'll also teach you how to take it like the little sissy you are! You're just jumping at the chance to be an excellent little pupil aren't you?

Your little man clit is getting hard and you want to cum, you nasty little sissy---isn't that right?

Dirty Little Secrets Exposed! Care to share yours?

I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT! You're going to fall in line just like the others. I'm very skilled at twisting your fantasies into my own pleasurable experiences. I'm chuckling right now remembering the many gifts and pictures I've been sent purely for my pleasure and amusement---A picture of one of my many admirers looking so cute wearing makeup and a cheerleader outfit (I wanted a real live doll and guess what? He gave me exactly what I wanted. Of course his fantasy was to be my little bitch)--- A receipt for a pair of earrings purchased by another admirer on HIS anniversary! His wife had to be content with a simple greeting card since he didn't have any money left! His fantasy? Total devotion to a Beautiful Black Princess---ME. Now I’m laughing. Yes, I'd broken them along with other poor excuses for men. I drew them in by listening to their fantasies and twisting their fantasies for my amusement. Making them do what I wanted all along...having them to please me---making them mine---completely ANAIYA-lating them!

And you know what? I know you want to be ANAIYA-lated too.

Class is in session. It's time for total ANAIYA-lation!