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Hi there guys, I thought that I would update my profile because I really want to express myself and let you know the True Wicked Girl that lies inside my Angelic Innocent girl nextdoor vision. Oh yes I can offer you exactly what I am, which to be fair is a nice normal girl nextdoor that you see before your eyes and you can definitely relate to. But you need to ask yourself a very important question, “Do nice girls think dirty thoughts? Do nice girls have really disgusting and dirty minds? Do nice girls play with themselves at the first possible opportunity and have fantasies that they would blush at if you were to know about or ask? Let me answer you with honesty here, ""Of course they do!!!!" Do you ever wonder if your wife or girlfriend plays with herself and thinks about the dirtiest fantasies whilst you are not around? Again, let me answer you with honesty here "I can tell you she does!!!!" Do you ever wonder how normal everyday girls get off? That’s what I want to bring to you today! Fresh, fast and hot on your plate!!! When I do a roleplay I can’t help actually going into that world, being that girl, it's like an escape or release. I go into another world and I act out the character so life like that you will have to pinch yourself HARD at times because it will be so real to you that you will be captured and I will hold you there, caught up in the roleplay and you won't EVER want me to let you go. It gives me chance to explore my darkest side, my hidden fantasies and my naughtiest desires. It can be anything from that coy and teasy girl to a self confident cocky girl with a bitchy side that knows just how to get her own way and wriggles around on your ever hardening cock as she sits on your knee; to that of a Strict School Mistress or Prefect that teaches a naughty boy a lesson as she spanks him repeatedly over her knee only to rub him afterwards making him feel better. It is a total pleasure and portal into another world, a lovely fantasy world mmmmmmmmmm. Some of my favourite characters I like to act out can be anything from a dirty schoolgirl seeking extra pocket money and getting dirty with you in your car, girlfriend or wife that likes to get naughty when you are not there, a virgin or a right dirty slut with guilt written all over her face! Maybe a cruel wife that loves to make fun of your lil shrimp ! Pathetic!!! Or do you want to be my financial slave and adore me and pamper me and treat me like a Princess! Mmmmmmmm. I have beautiful feet that need soothing and massaging and my toe nails need polishing. If you are very good I will give your cock some stimulation with them. Whatever your desire. I am all there for you!!! DO NOT THINK you are to bizarre or perverted to ask me ANYTHING! I am not going to be easily shocked or offended. DO NOT hold back. Tell me what you want! I am incredibly versatile and can apply myself to a wide range of role plays and characters. I am very convincing.