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Calla Valentine

Fun with Girls. Lots of Stories!

I guess I could take advantage of the alone time to play a little. I fish through my collection of porno’s hidden under my bed. What’s gonna get me going tonight? I need a little inspiration, than one catches my eye. There’s nothing like two girls fucking to get me going. Everyone has their secret fantasy. Those sexual desires that we are a slave to. Don’t get me wrong both the sexes have their uses, but women hold a special place in my heart. The softness of their mouth. A set of long legs and a nice rack. When I was in school, being in the locker rooms was almost too much to handle sometimes. I would watch them changing and instantly become aroused. I’d have to go in the stalls and touch myself to relieve the tension. Finally! I found one. Its time to get out of these pesky jeans and play. I slip it in quickly. I crawl under the sheets and the show begins.It starts off pretty dull with the two young girls naked on a bed, making out and fondling one other. As they cup and kiss each others breast, I began to play with my own. I become rougher and rougher with myself. I squeeze and twist to satisfaction. I start to pant heavily. I can feel the juices flow between my thighs. I need to stop and direct my attention elsewhere. Proper play with my nipples is enough to make me cum instantly, but there is plenty of time for that I’m in no rush. Next, they position themselves into a 69. The wetness intensifies as I watch her tongue play with that hairless pink pussy. As the gyrating quickens and their moaning becomes louder I can’t help but start to touch myself. I’m getting soaking wet. I watch her slurp up the juices from her twat and I can no longer control myself. I slip one finger in… then two fingers to the knuckle. I slide my index and middle finger deep into my own bald cunt. I reach with my other hand into the drawer next to me and search… There it is… I turn it on and press it gently against my clit. Thank god no ones home because the second it touches me I begin to moan louder and louder. I remove my fingers drippin wet. I’m no longer interested in the movie. I’m reaching the top of the summit and I’m about to fall off, I need something inside of me now. I reach back into my drawer of desire, and pull out 8 inches of pure pleasure. I put it in slowly and pull back, teasing myself. I love the moment of penetration. I want it deeper! I push the dildo further inside myself. It’s so close! I’m almost there, reaching the point of no return . I desperately pump harder and faster, bucking my hips. As I cum, I moan and whimper in pleasure. I bite my lip so hard I can taste blood.YEEESS! Shit that felt so good! I breathe a long sigh of relief and I suck my soaked fingers clean.
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