Phone Sex

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Loser, Loser, Loser..OFF your ASS and CALL Me NOW!


Hey...yeah you, LOSER!

Get your little slinky ass over there to your fucking phone NOW, and call me, Princess Mallory!

I have one purpose for being here, and that is to take every fucking penny I can from you...and, not regret it AT ALL!! As I sit and giggle at you, ignore you, and make fun of your pathetic and weak nature, I am adding up the $$$ in my mind!

I am anticipating all of the wonderful things I am going to buy myself, because of your pathetic nature!! *GIGGLES* Not only are you going to call are going to CLICK my TRIBUTE buttons to make sure that I am spoiled speechless!!

Don't call and ask if you can stroke your dink for me, because I am not concerned with that part of you at all!

The only thing you possess that I care about is your CASH...Now, give it up to me, you pathetic little pig!!

And, before you call, go get a pen and write the word LOSER across your forehead!!