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Mistress Savanna


I have been a real lifestyle Mistress for My entire adult life. I do not role play. I am a true Dominant.
For those strong feelings of submission, life can be hell without a Master or Mistress. I have known individual submissives who have searched for years for the One who could complete them. For many, this lifestyle is not simply about masochism or humiliation but one of love. The love of a cruel and powerful Mistress is intoxicating as the craving of submission is not merely sexual, but in large part, very mental. If you are shit, you will know it!
I am an extreme deviant, very cruel, and I enjoy every aspect of Sadism. I do this for My pleasure, and am considered an expert in humiliation, torture, and the mind fuck. If I choose to, I will own you.
I have trained many submissives, both male and female, and have trained and Mentored both Dominas and Doms. I practice a more traditional form of D/s and insist on complete submission and total surrender when training or considering one for collar. It is a difficult process and most do not gain My favor.
This is not to say that I do not also understand the D/s mindset when related to a more "play" or session oriented state of mind.
I have counseled numerous lifestyle and vanilla couples, hetrosexual and gay, in lifestyle practices, and simply to enhance marriages. I am pleased to say that it is always successful to a greater or lesser extent, but it always has helped.
Many times, one partner in a couple is into the lifestyle while another is not. Adding the counseling element to a marriage can be the one thing that is needed to tie a beautiful relationship together.
I will also Dominate submissive couples, or teach your wife to Dominate and kick your ass.
I offer online Domination, via telephone or cam,(you, not Me on cam), consultation and trainging for singles or couples, and will consider acceptance of r/t slaves, if suitable to My needs.
These additional services must be arranged ahead of time.