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Worship the ground I walk on!

Be the Ground I walk on, slave!

You know I am FAR above you, but where does that EXACTLY put you?? On your hands and knees?? No, that would put you at the same level as a dog, and even a dog is better than you? No, if you were to EVER meet Me, I would fully expect for you to crawl to Me slithering on your belly like a worm. But, even that is far to good for you. That would put you at the same level as my feet, and you and I both know you are LOWER, much LOWER than my feet!!

So, I guess in order for you to assume your rightful position, you must put yourself on the same level as the DIRT under my feet!

I bet you’re even JEALOUS of the dirt under my foot? The ground I walk on??
Would you like to take it’s place and be what I step on during the day? Would you, slave? Well, they say you are what you eat! How would you like to eat the dirt I have stepped on and thus make the dirt a part of your being!!
(if you BEG, I may do it BAREFOOT!)

Kiss My Prescious Toes Massage my Beautiful Feet Worship My arches Now!

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~Thank You~

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