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Hi scumbag,

You know that you're not good enough for a hot sweet young thing like me! What makes you think that you can do anything to deserve my attention?

Do you have money, good looks, charming witt or sense of humor that will make me laugh? You'll need it all to get near me or even cum close to touching my young tight body.

Call me now and I'll show you how I can ignore you the best. Tell me why I should even keep the phone to my ear while I do important things like paint my nails or watch tv.

That's pathetic isn't it, you're such a loser that you think you can compete with my other interests.

If for some strange reason you DO get my attention - then prepare to get trampled and dominated like the pig you are.

I, in all my beauty, will make you quiver with excitement of just hearing my voice. You'll imagine my perky breasts and soft skin, smooth pussy and puckered hole there in front of you. I may, if you're really good, let you lick me clean.

Call now pig and earn my attention. Can you handle being ignored?
Your Mistress

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