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Calla Valentine

Sweet Young BabyGirl to please you for pleasure

I put on my very high cut skirt over my bikini bottoms and just left on the bikini top, and we got into his car. As we drove the car was silent for a while. My nipples were still rock hard and protruding as much as they could, I saw him glance over and it was obvious he still noticed them. He asked how my 18th birthday went, and I told him it was great and he asked if I was serious with anyone. His eyes seemed to light up when I said I was dabbling rather than settling yet. I never noticed how rugged and handsome he was, I had a crush on him once a long time ago, but it was an innocent youthful crush, nothing more. Now, sitting beside me, with so very little covering me and him in his baggy shorts I glanced at the inside of his thigh. I wanted him bad, I never felt such a need and it totally excited me as my heart pounded hard and so loudly I thought he could hear it. I wanted to grab his crotch and get hold of his cock; I was dizzy at this point. I wondered in my mind "what if I did? what would be the worst thing that could happen?" I bit my lower lip, looked up with my big eyes and just then he pulled into my driveway. "here you go sweetie" he said. I knew I had to do something so I asked him with fear in my eyes, "would you mind walking in with me, they are working very late, and I get kind of nervous entering an empty house as it gets dark?" That seemed to light up his face and he got out, opened my door and took my hand and guided me to the front door. I "struggled" with the door making sure my ass rubbed the front of his pants and I felt his cock go from semi-hard to granite in a split second. Of course when I finally pushed the door open I made sure I gave one final hard lunge with my ass making it impossible to question whether I felt his cock or not. I turned and said thank you so much sir, and I gave him a huge hug, God his cock felt good pressed into me. I whispered "you know, even though I look young, I'm not a little girl anymore". He said "it's impossible to miss my dear". With that he guided my hand to his cock, and I gently rubbed it up and down. He reached behind me and undid my bikini top.

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