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Master Redneck

Twisted Redneck takes yer cash for HIS beer & cigs

Hey boy. Remember how you used to have to run from the school bully cause he used to take yer lunch money? Somehow you knew he was better than you cause you were such a piece of nothin'. Nowdays, when ya see redneck MEN like ME you look the other way, hopin' they don't notice you lookin' at their dirty boots and jeans and how much you wanna be down at their feet. Bet ya still run as fast as you can, afraid they will try to empty yer wallet. Well here, ya don't have to worry about that except how I am gonna verbally dominate and abuse yer ass and how much cash I'M gonna take from you. Get out yer wallet, boy,and cause this Redneck MASTER is gonna control you and make you HIS own!