Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


After Midnight LOSER HOTLINE..Open Wallet!!!

This listing is an overnight hotline....for your wallet.
Duh!! THATS why it's not CHEAP!!!

Are you up looking for someone to make you feel better by taking your money?
Well it will make ME feel better
If you're reading this...I'm probably asleep. may call listen to me complain about having to answer the phone.
Hear me chastise you about being a lowlife and having to call women at all hours to get a fix.

After you listen to me, you may apologize for waking me up, BEG Me for forgivness.. and tell me "sweet dreams"
So...come on and make it worth my while, to have to put up with red eyed, up all night wankers such as yourself

Tell me about the high price of this call and listen to me LAUGH!!!!.

1-800-863-5478 ext.01368043 CUM TO ME NOW..

For Pay piggies and for those of you who don't even have the balls to call me(or maybe you are the smart one's..knowing you don't deserve a moments attention) ...these little mermaids want to swim away with some of your cash....its the only release you get...highs and lows..just like the tides....RIDE THE WAVE!!!

A 50.00 release..mmm...feels so good....

AAAAaaahhhh...100.00...this release may last all night...and it may earn you a moment of my time in a very personal email...

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