Phone Sex

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Foot Jobs, deadly stilettos, and sheer stockings

Oh, My poor feet are sooo tired after all that exercise down the gym…be a good boy and give them a massage for Me, won’t you? Oooh, that feels nice! I like the way you stroke them. What’s that? you want to kiss them? *giggles* Ok, if that’s what you want. Do they taste nice? Oooh, I like the way you lick them with your tongue, too. I bet they must smell though, especially after the sweaty workout I gave them earlier! Here, take a good, long whiff as I stick my tootsies up your nose! *Laughs!* Why don’t you get down on the floor, so I can walk on you in my cute new heels? The best way to break in new heels is to grind the balls of a footboy, didn’t you know? That’s right sweetie, you can suck on one heel whilst the other slowly, oh so slowly crushes your testicles beneath it. Doesn’t that feel good, huh baby? Why don’t you give me a call sometime and I’ll tell you all the other fun things I love to do with my sexy size fives?