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Bonus!Extra segment of Domina's FORCED FEM series



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What IS Domina going to do with you? You just can't get enough! I love it!

Allow to explain, first, why this "deleted scene" (you can tell I spent my hiatus listening to commentary tracks on DVDs, right) is here. This is part of my Forced Femme series, which I had originally planned as a series of 3. I realized how much more fun my listeners and I could have and went to 4. I started getting so many new ideas I practically wrote a damn novel (hmmmm... :;-)I made myself wind it up at 5 in the series.

Well, if you're only listening to this, you should probably get a little backstory. I really made this as an extra for all the sissy fans of the series, but if for some reason you want to listen to only this, who am I to turn you down?

By popular demand, here's a list of all 5 parts --plus the 'bonus' --and links!


Part 2- Your Slut Beauty Makeover! KISS YOUR BALLS GOODBYE!

Part 3-


Part 4-


Extra segment- BONUS! Click here to check out a 'deleted scene' of Domina's FORCED FEM series!

Finally, part 5, the climax, Go WHORE OUT for $-NOW-DOMINA OWNS YOU! (FF Finale)of the series!

Previously, on "You're Our Bitch Now," (actually, there really should be a cable series called that), you acted like a huge macho prick and grabbed my ass in a bar. You didn't know I was a very skilled Domina and a dangerous beauty to mess with. So, I and my two Domina friends Ebony and Jade decided you had crossed the line and the entire female gender needed revenge! We kidnapped you, turned you into as much of a woman as possible, with hormones and lots of training and makeovers, then we told you our real plans were to turn you out and have you make us some money as a skilled T-girl. We trained you in oral sex, and then gave you some last minute lessons before your first big night. In the recording leading up to this, we gave you a tiny window of opportunity to escape, but you only gave it a half-hearted effort, partially because you would have to make a run for it stark naked and in full makeup, partially because all the female hormones we'd pumped into you gave us even more power on you. We used some dirty tricks, but never were really mean-spirited about it. This is where this segment comes in. (and there's the finale, but if you made it this far, I think you'll want to find out what happens in the last recording yourself!

Though this segment is more of a mind-fuck, I will give the list of disclaimers I did on all the other listings. I may have made them sound more evil than they actually are, but I figure that is WAY better than scaring the hell out of some innocent newbie and getting a warning or get told I have to remove the series! I DON'T recommend these four Forced Femme recordings if you're turned off/scared by any of the fantasy themes:

  • Heavy feminization and/or permanent feminization (though no surgery is involved, if you get my little sex-change meaning).
  • Strap-on training, oral and anal
  • "Forced (it IS fantasy!)domination, bisexuality, feminization
  • Being pimped out/sex for $$
  • Servicing another man when Domina makes you do it to bring her pleasure
  • Wearing a training collar
  • Domina using a reward and punishment system to train you, turn you into exactly what she wants... and you can probably guess which Domina likes to dole out most!
  • Being referred to as bitch, whore, and other humilating terms (and there is NO shortage of those!)
  • Having every bit of your masculinity stripped from you slowly but steadily.

  • Plenty of those aren't even on this one, but they are on the others. As I said, better safe than sorry!