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Total Sweetie

Pay up loser and kiss My pricy Princess Ass!

I'm a completely pampered Princess who's spoiled to the core, and I like it that way! I just can't get enough of you silly boys with your cocks in one hand and your wallets in the other. It's so easy for a pretty little Princess like Me to tease those dollars out of you. Just look at Me. Could you tell Me "no"? I didn't think so!


Princess - Wallet Drainer - Bitch - Tease - Financial Abuser - Mind Fucktress

What does it all mean? Well dumbass - it means YOU are MY plaything! All I care about is ME ME ME, you are only here to amuse Me and to add to My pedicure fund and daily shopping addiction. Between silly little playthings like you and the ones I have in real life I have never worked a day in my life, and I plan to keep it that way. As long as you idiots keep thinking with your cock and following my intoxicating giggle, I never will never have to. *Giggle*

I love wrapping guys like you around my little finger with my innocent looks and sweet sexy voice. Don't be fooled by them though, I can be one bratty little bitch when I don't get my way. So make sure when you call you've got that wallet of yours out. I guarantee you're gonna need it!