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Forced/voluntary feminization to make you a woman!


Come To Me For Beginning And Advanced Feminization Training

Recently I have learned how much I enjoy turning men and boys into beautiful women. It gives me such a feeling of power and accomplishment when I help them to become what they truly want to be. My methods of training vary with the individual and can be either soft and gentle or very forceful. I do whatever is necessary to help my boys become women and find true happiness.

My name is Kirana, but you should address me as Goddess or Mistress at all times. I have been educated in international economic relations and foreign languages. Intellectual challenges keep my mind sharp. But for pleasure, I need the feeling of power that comes when a sissy boy begs me to help him discover the beautiful woman that lives inside him.

Questions For You

Do you want to me to help you become a beautiful woman? Do you wish you could look like me? Deep inside do you have the overwhelming desire to give me complete control so you can achieve your dream? I think you do.

Come To Serve Me

I am always looking for new men and boys to turn into women. Here is your first command:

Call me and beg me to help you.

Do it now.

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