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My name is Felicity, but my girlfriends and fuckbuddies call me "SEX KITTEN" or "BABY GIRL". If you are not either one of those you can call me GODDESS, QUEEN, or something along those lines.
When I started college some would say I was a prude when it came to sex. In the first few weeks of school I got a crash course in SEX 101. In my studies I learned how fun it could be to have little sissy boy parade in front of you in pink panties, or to watch the wife of my professor be fucked by the quarterback as he watched with his pathetic little cock in his hand. I also found out just how easily I could fix a bad grade with a short skirt and a little peek-a-boo under my desk..
I like to play games, but some of the games I play could get me arrested. I am one never to step down from a challenge, in fact I am one to go for the jugular and make it my own. When I find a little sissy I can't wait to start SST training. My golden rule is the kinkier the better.

If you are the type of pig that loves to kneel and beg for the honor to please a GODDESS, QUEEN & MISTRESS, then you should get on your knees, pay tribute, and beg to serve me as if your soul was on fire and my voice was the only thing that could put it out.

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