Phone Sex

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Mistress wants a new leather dress, help her get it! $5
How many clothespins can YOU take? $5

Get on your knees and CALL!!

20+ years as a Domme gives me the background and experience to give you exactly what you DESERVE!! Come to me and be treated like the low life piece of scum that you are!

I'll stand by and watch while you are gang raped, your ass being torn apart with huge cocks and even larger objects, your mouth used and filled over and over. Laugh as I nail your balls to a tree. Whip you till not a place on your body is unmarked. Allow my friends the enjoyment of using MY slave. I'll rape both your mind and your wallet, BE PREPARED!

Bear in mind, this is not the "psychic" hot line. If there is something "specific" that will take you where you need to go, you need to respectfully state those wishes. If not, I will go where I choose. If you don't like it, tough shit, you had the opportunity to tell me about yourself and you chose not to.

I am not for the faint of heart. I will punish you unmercilessly and tell YOU when you are to call back for MORE. Don't keep me waiting.................