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Society Babe

Victoria's Secret was innocent compared to mine!!

You might be surprised if you really knew who I was. If you live in Atlanta, chances are you've seen me in the society column, my hair neatly done, in a designer dress with my signature pearls on by my husbands side. My husband, the prominent businessman, has me on his arm for those important parties, but never any other time. He is thinking about running for office, so he is always at work, or out networking, Or fucking his too young blonde assistant. He thinks I don't know, but I've watched him bend her over.

So why do I want do this? Because I'm lonely, and I stay horny as hell. I've always been like this, but once I hit my thirties it was like I became consumed with having as much sex as I possibly could. I can't seem to get enough of it and I have to be really careful how I go about having my affairs.

I fuck the black pool boy when he comes over on Tuesday, and the Mexican yard guy when he comes over on Wednesday, The rest of the time I just don't know what to do with myself. I certainly can't fuck any one in my social circle, because word would get out, and my husband would be ostracized. I have to be discreet but it doesn't stop me. I need this so bad, it's all I think of.

I never slept with anyone in high school or college, and married my high school sweetheart immediately after graduation from college. My husband is such a bad fuck I didn't even know I liked sex until I took my first lover. He was a roofer that came over to fix our leaky roof. Honey, did he ever fix more than that!! He was in my house about 5 minutes before we ended up in bed. He did things to me that I didn't even know the words for. I loved him in me.

I kept wanting to have it. He was a great lover, but he was a lousy roofer. So I had to go through three more roofers just to get it fixed right. I fucked every one of the too while my husband paid the bills. Ever since then, I've been into home renovation. My husband thinks I'm such a good little wife. I'm so bad.

I especially get off on talking to horny, anonymous men. I love to get down and dirty and tell them what to do with my aching wet pussy, describing exactly what I would like to do to them. If you think you would get off making it with a rich society babe give me a call. If you would love to have a private nasty affair with an insatiable woman, there's no one out there like me. I'm not a porn model, or a fantasy date, I'm a real sex-starved housewife. No one will ever know that you are my favorite home alone fun. Can you help me get off?