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GREEDY BITCH BANK - NEW Annual Greeting post 12/24

Ms. Londoncalling presents the original, unique, and unquestionably the best, British Financial Domination Institution for manipulating you of your money.

Welcome to the GREEDY BITCH BANK, London Branch
Deposits Welcome - Withdrawals Prohibited - Arousal Guaranteed - Remorse Assured

We know. You've been leading a double life. You pretend to be just one of the guys at work, but the moment you get a few minutes alone, your hand gets it on. Your secret addiction owns you.

Won't it feel good to share that secret life with someone? We understand and we want to know all about it. We aren't going to dish out easy, cheap absolution, but we do empathize and we want to help. Good therapy can be a bit expensive, but you won't mind the cost. In fact, you'll be enjoying paying because paying for the therapy will be the therapy.

And, the best part? You'll develop a new secret. Your payments might even become a deeper secret than your original problem. But you won't be alone this time; your bank will know everything about you. We are here for you. Let the bank absolve you of those many self-gratification moments.

More than just another financial domination site, we specialize in asset transfers from those men who have prepared themselves for service to this bank through years of dedicated, compulsive, selfish, secret behavior. If you are one of these men, then welcome! And if you're one who'd rather be undone quietly via online deposit or via email, then you are especially welcome. We understand how nervous some of you get when talking with an attractive, intelligent, woman, particularly when each deposit is accompanied with so much unspoken meaning about you the depositor. Rest assured though, every one of your email deposits will receive an appropriate mocking response.

We understand men like you. You have become so accustomed to your fantasy world that you are no longer entirely certain what your true reality is. But, hold on... this is not a fantasy; there really is a sexy, street-smart Bitch who's enjoying every deposit you submit. The money makes it real.

PORTFOLIO OF BANK SERVICES (how we get your money
Phone Consultation
Drive-through Deposits
Pay Per View Products
Help in Disbursing of Assets
Learn to Productively Stroke and Pay
Unlicensed Financial Therapy
Depositor Cash extraction/Enslavement opportunities
Hypnosis sessions to eliminate analytical reasoning
Negotiating Contracts and Agreements
Conferencing your Future Demise
Determining eligibility for your Financial Abuse
Unrivaled Seductive Teasing
Helping you see the ways you can feel useful
Subjective Profiling - the Loser/Wanker/Sucker/ATM/Moneyslave
Deposit Boxes held for your private confessions
A printed Certificate in appreciation of a Certifiable Loser
VIP Lounge - get to know the CE0., Ms Londoncalling aka the nicest Greedy Bitch around

GO TO: THE SPANKING NEW GREEDY BITCH BANK website - so much to see and games to play


QUICK AND EASY DEPOSITS - the true measure of a man is found in his wallet

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ADDENDUM: Some of our regular depositors report feelings of remorse after depositing funds at the Greedy Bitch Bank. But even in remorse, you will always enjoy the warm afterglow of knowing that we always give you exactly what you deserve. We promise to treat you with as much dignity as we can pretend at. Bank's honor.