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Does Penis Size REALLY Matter?

Overcome feeling of Inadequacy related to Sexual Failure: Penis Size, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction & Performance.

As women, we all have diverse perspectives on what feels enjoyable, and what society
is projecting to be adequate mainly to promote the sale of a product or service.

Intimacy clearly contributes to a healthy relationship, there is an erotic high a woman tends to feel with her partner during intercourse;
intense penetration without interruption, for many, relinquishes tension and stress by restoring the body's energy flow,
delivering an optimum feeling during and after sex.

The erotic stimulation of kissing, caressing, oral sex, as well as manual masturbation, are all erogenous stimuli that enthusiastically
encourage bonding; natural sensuality simply feels good. Why avoid it?
Problems arise when one fails to express themselves clearly; figuring out your partner's needs and wishes is often difficult,
however important for a relationship to be reciprocal, and addictively pleasurable.

There are arousal and penis length ideologies within the boundaries of sexual gratification floating around;
it's true, some men are beyond well-endowed, they're just humongous!
Personally, I love a well-endowed man IF he's equipped mentally and stimulates every sensual position.
Through a lack of sexual knowledge, I once felt a larger size penis was the ultimate delicacy, encompassing all vaginal erogenous zones,
leading to the highest stimulation and satisfaction, a pleasure so absolute a woman's body desires no further persuasion~.

In the field of practical issues related to sexual orientation, premature ejaculation, and size anxiety, it is truly astonishing to learn
a great deal of men feel inadequate about the size of their penis, and lack of performance effort.
I had to do some serious research; I come from an ethnicity where 92% of men are genetically sufficient.

There are men that actually envy and are intimidated by epic proportion men, although for some women it's just visual stimulation ("eye candy").
The vast majority of women need direct stimulation to achieve an orgasm, which often doesn't happen through vaginal intercourse alone.
Therefore, the "size" importance depends solely on the extent of pleasure that contributes to the individual's sexual gratification.

So what's TOO BIG, TOO small or JUST RIGHT? Only the receiver can make such a decision.

It might help to know, a great deal of women too have had some sort of sexual dilemma or insecurity at some point.
Before excessively pondering the over-hype options on the market claiming to boost, enlarge and prolong, understand that in most cases
erectile dysfunction, or perhaps sexual reluctance due to size, often stems initially from intrusive ideology projected by societal myths; and unfortunately,
sometimes interpersonal issues as well as conscious restraints, false fragments of the imagination or false persuasion, limitations you've applied.
Clearly, the measure of a man's inner characteristics has nothing to do with size. Size doesn't determine significance.

What's important to know: women are more likely to be absorbed in thought (diverted -turned off, embarrassed) by a man's anxiety surrounding
ejaculatory control, performance and size than amused by the actual size or competence to obtain an erection, in other words, to ensure a level of balanced
attraction & chemistry, don't spend time stressing or verbally trying to compensate for next time.
Convey to your partner any apprehensions you may have, there are effective alternatives with realistic expectations~
for men who are concerned about the size of their penis.

I look forward to sharing with you~.

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One of the biggest MISTAKES men make that women HATE, it's a COMPLETE TURN OFF!
It's unattractive when a man releases too quickly and repeatedly make(s) excuses or tries to compensate for "the next time".
Although sex consists of so much more than just intercourse, it should never END once you've reached an orgasm.