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Hypnosis Calling

With erotic HYPNOSIS everything is possible

Do you wish to get hypnotized by a beautiful lady? Go into a trance right now and feel sensations you never experienced before. If you're looking for erotic hypnosis this is the lady to call. She is certified as a hypnotherapist and if you're able to go into a trance she will make it. She will put you in a trance and then you will turn into a real slut. Call her, in hypnosis almost everything is possible.

Please note: for some people it is very easy to go into a trance, others need a bit more time. I cannot guarantee you that I will bring you into a trance very quick, that depends very much on your ability to relax and to follow my instructions. But you can be sure, if you follow my instructions fully and completely you will enter a wonderful state and experience something you never did before. It's not just phone sex, it's much better.
Remember, this german lady is a certified hypnotherapist. If you want to experience erotic hypnosis call her now.

Please note: It's important that you tell me frankly what you like and what you dislike. Once you're in trance you may not be able to tell me, so please tell me in the beginning what you would like to experience. The more detail the better for your pleasure.
You can tell me frankly if you're into any fetishes or if you have any special wishes or dreams. Maybe you want to dress and feel like a woman. Maybe you want to get fucked like a whore. Maybe you're a slave and like pain, humiliation and assfucking. Maybe you're not submissive at all and prefer "normal sex". Maybe you wish to be a sultan in a harem. Maybe you want to be Captain Kirk and fuck that alien. Or maybe you just want to relax after a tough day and the erotic part is not important at all.
Just tell me what you would like to experience in hypnosis. It's up to you. You just need to tell me. Don't expect me to know what you like without telling me. Keep in mind: I'm not a mind reader, I'm a hypnotist.

Please only call if you want to experience hypnosis. If you're looking for normal phone sex only then I'm not for you. I'm only for those who wish to experience erotic hypnosis.

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